Syrian protesters march to Arab League

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CAIRO: Over 400 Syrian protesters organized a march Tuesday from the Syrian Embassy to the Arab League headquarters demanding the overthrow of President Bashar Al-Assad.

The protesters, joined by a number of Egyptians, chanted against the Syrian Ambassador demanding his resignation, called for the intervention of Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, and waved what they called "the independence flag.”

The Syrian Embassy played pro-Assad songs through loud speakers to drown out the protesters, who then banged on the doors of the embassy and broke the glass exterior before central security forces cordoned the embassy.

Electricity was cut off from the embassy by police, according to protesters.

"We have been protesting since March 15 but this is the first time Egyptian authorities allow us to protest in front of the embassy directly," said Hany Al-Mehy, one of the protest organizers.

He said they filed a case against the Syrian ambassador for allegedly arresting an Egyptian protester in a previous protest and torturing him.


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