Assaulter of Nadim Center manager referred to misdemeanors court

Tamim Elyan
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CAIRO: The northern Damanhour prosecution office referred to the misdemeanors court a central security officer accused of assaulting a doctor with El Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Violence.

According to a statement issued by the center, the suspect, Ahmed Antar Ibrahim, will be brought to the court on March 28.

Magda Adly, doctor with El Nadim Center, was attacked by a policeman with a knife in a courtroom last year in April in Kafr El-Dawwar, in the governorate of Beheira, while testifying in the case of Sobhy Hussein, a victim of violence at the Kafr El-Dawwar police station.

Adly suffered a cut in her head and a dislocated shoulder as a result of the attack. She was admitted to a hospital for treatment, but discharged herself soon after.

The suspect allegedly also stole Adly’s handbag. In a related incident, a car belonging to El Nadim psychiatrist Mona Hamed, who was also present in court that day, was vandalized.

“Investigations have been going on since last May. I was interrogated and checked by forensic pathology several times since then, Adly told Daily News Egypt.

“A face to face meeting between me and the suspect took place to identify him and confirm that he had assaulted me, she added.

The center also accused Kafr El-Dawwar’s chief intelligence officer, Ahmed Maklad of motivating the suspect to steal important documents, according to the statement, that prove the involvement of other officers in the torture of Sobhy Hussein.

However, investigations by northern Damanhour prosecution office ruled out the involvement of Maklad in attacking Adly.

Officer Tamer El-Gizawy and six detectives were accused of torturing Sobhy Mohamed Hussein and some of his family members.

El-Gizawy later admitted that he was acting upon orders of chief intelligence officer Ahmed Maklad, according to the Nadim report.

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