Brotherhood lawyers ask Egypt's Attorney General to take Israeli officials to court for war crimes

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: A group of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members filed a request to Egypt’s Attorney General to have 26 Israeli political and military figures put on trial for “intentionally conducting massacres against the Palestinian people during the Gaza war.

In an official statement, a copy of which was sent to Daily News Egypt, the group also requested that the Israeli president, the Israeli Foreign Minister and Minister of Defense be placed “on top of the accused list.

The Brotherhood wishes to have Israelis officials tried on charges of first degree murder of 1,350 Palestinians and wounding some 6000 others between Dec. 27 and Jan 24.

The statement also accused the Israeli officials of “destroying public and private property, places of worship, hospitals, schools, ambulances, civil defense areas and the United Nations head office.

Israeli crimes in the Gaza war, they said, violate articles 230, 235, 240, 241, 243, 252, 254, 355, 356, and 361 of international law, to which Egypt is signatory, as well as stipulations in the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The MB group also asked the Attorney General to conduct his own inquest by visiting Palestinian causalities receiving treatment in Egypt to hear their testimonies along with the testimonies of physicians who went to Gaza to help Palestinian doctors during the war.

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