7 ½ reasons why I hate my lovely iPod

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Every time the word iPod is mentioned in a conversation someone has to interrupt, sigh and say dreamily: “I love my iPod. The truth is the iPod is one of the most overrated devices known to man. Most people have been brain washed into thinking that the best MP3 players are produced by Apple Computers, so much so, that the word MP3 player has been conveniently replaced by iPod.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth and it might startle some to know the expensive iPod they just bought isn’t the best player in the market, there are many MP3 players out there that have surpassed iPods in many aspects.

For example, the player with the best features as reviewed by CNET, the revered electronics reviewing website, is from Creative. And Sony has the player with the longest best battery life. Much to the dismay of iPod owners who take pride in quality, Creative provides the players with the highest sound quality. Although iPods look sleek, beneath their shiny exterior are enormous shortcomings that have been masterfully camouflaged solely by good marketing.

I need an MP3 player that works as storage and a player simultaneously, one that can record and tune in to the radio. I’d like features that make my life easier since I’m already carrying it with me all the time. Is that too much to ask? Apparently Apple thinks so.

Reasons why I personally hate iPods:

1- No RadioOther MP3 players can tune in to a radio station, why not mine?

2- No Voice RecorderWhether you’re interviewing someone, want to record a business meeting, or just want to create voice memos, you’d like to be able to do that using your MP3 player that you already carry around. Not the case with the iPod.

3- Unintuitive Media TransferWhy can’t I just drag my music to the iPod? I do that with most other MP3 players. I even do that with the iPod when I want to use it as storage, why then must it be so difficult to transfer an MP3 file to my iPod? Even techies find it tedious to use iTunes to transfer media files and that really says something.

Without iTunes, you can’t simply copy music that you like from a friend’s PC to the iPod. You need either your laptop or iTunes everywhere you go. As if that’s not enough, you need to register your iPod on any new iTunes on a new computer which means you have to carry around more software and information.

4- Either Player or StorageIf you transfer a song to your iPod it’s complicated to copy it back to your PC. You can transfer the song from PC to iPod as a file using your windows explorer but then you can’t play it on your iPod. You have to choose between using your iPod as storage or as a player.

5- Very ProprietaryProprietary software, gadgets or formats are the reason why I have a stack of Sony’s failed Betamax tapes and am unable to play them. iPods are reminiscent of such a disaster. In addition to the iTunes software saga, without the proprietary iPod cable I’m completely lost. I can’t charge my iPod nor connect to a computer. A standard cable cannot simply do the job. If Apple chooses to discontinue these cables then you’re in a jam and might have difficulty finding places to buy these cables if you value an old iPod.

6- Lacks FeaturesSome MP3 players have a memory slot for SD memory cards. Not so with the iPod.

7 – More for LessWith such a limited feature set, you end up paying much more for much less.

7 ½ – PretentiousAside from the physical features of the device, which people don’t pay attention to anyway, social pretences play a big part in the popularity of iPods. People just simply pick the iPod knowing that Apple products are hard to pick up just anywhere in Egypt. There is a halo around the iPod which no one wants to desecrate only to sound like a fool. I know the choice can be a result of not knowing better or just not seeing enough MP3 players, but to accept that iPods are the best is dogmatic to say the least.

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