Pampering away pre-wedding stress

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The Four Seasons Nile Plaza Spa offers a “Bridal Package

Everybody loves a wedding. The days leading up to the wedding, on the other hand, are filled with tension. Planning a wedding can be harrowing. An effort to recreate her dream wedding down to the smallest detail can prove taxing to say the least. There is often a decision to make, or a challenge to overcome, at every turn of that journey to the kosha. And to add to the stress, she’s trying to please everyone in the process. The whole ordeal can sap the spirit and joy out of being a bride.

Bridal stress may be temporary, ending the day after the wedding. The trick is to avoid the “Bridal Blues – or worse yet a complete breakdown – before the wedding.

When the pressure mounts up, the “happiest time of your life can seem more like a nightmare. So what can you do to avoid that feeling of emotional overload?

In order to ease and relieve pre-wedding tension the Nile Plaza spa is offering a special, tailor-made “Bridal Package for brides-to-be who are planning to hold their weddings at the hotel.

Laura Vallati, director of the spa, said: “The ‘Bridal Package’ was designed to rejuvenate, revitalize, pamper, and nurture the brides before their big day.

At an orientation for prospective brides last week, Vallati accompanied the ladies on a spa tour, and explained the details and benefits of the treatments demonstrated by the spa’s therapists.

“We arranged to set up all the treatments, as this of course helps the brides to visualize and experience them, explained Vallati.

The “Bridal Package includes a variety of treatments: the Indonesian “Javanese Lulur – dubbed the “Queen of body treatments it has been used by Javanese brides since the 17th century as a purifying ritual before marriage. It begins with a Balinese deep tissue massage, which is meant to improve the energy flow, followed by a Lulur scrub and finishes with a floral bath of jasmine scent.

The brides will also have the choice of other treatments. The Ultimate Facial designed to deep cleanse and to purify skin and minimize imperfections. The Luxury Foot and Hand Care includes exfoliation, a nourishing paraffin mask and massage to ensure silky soft hands and feet.

“Our main goal and intention is to have brides fully rejuvenated and pampered and ready for their big day, added Vallati.

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