A fantastic raid against an epic enemy

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A glimpse at World of Warcraft, a game that dominates online

“I’m out of arrows, I yelled as I drew my thorium plated two-hander and thrust it deep into Onyxia’s tail. She already decimated our group of 40 brave souls, within minutes, by half but the battle is still raging.

Onyxia, Queen of the Dragonkin in Azeroth must fall today or evil will befall Stormwind, the last bastion of the humans on the Eastern Kingdom.

“The line must be drawn today, Grimwald grunts uneasily as he counter spells a fiery blast from this monstrous beast. He, like all the others, dead or still alive, have seen too much since the Battle at Mount Hyjal, and within a split second this little dwarf set off a barrage of arcane blasts which does some, but not enough, damage to the Enemy who, with immense cruelty bashes our strongest Warrior.

Priests at a relatively safe distance cast their healing spells on Thor who just raised his adamantite shield before that clawed paw crashes down on him like thunder and lightning. “More healing would be a good thing now, flashes through his mind but a short glimpse reveals that not that many healers are left.

Wonderboy, that elegant but lethal rogue from the lush forests of Teldrassil, was able to stun Onyxia for a moment which gave warlocks and mages a small window of opportunity to strike down their most powerful spells with vicious ferocity and for a moment there was a tiny spark that the dragon would crumble from the pressure.

“Stay away from the caves and don’t get feared into her eggs our leader thundered from afar, but Gez is already running away with a whole trail of little dragonlings hot on his heels. In a last effort, he jumps and holds his shield above his head and welcomes death. With a deep breath he awaits the strike that will put him out of his misery, but. Mindflay, our great Archmage froze the dragonlings and a rain of starshards instantly vaporized them all.

“I owe you, mage, he glinted and dashed back into battle.

Grimwald stomped heavily, dazing the Queen of Fire, followed by the unleashing of a Fiery Hammer by a disgruntled Paladin whose spells were continuously interrupted, the uninterrupted pounding of our druids who shape shift into immensely damaging cats or feisty bears that can take a heavy beating.

Onyxia, all of a sudden spreads her wings and lifts up in the air making her vulnerable to bursts of all long range weapons such as wands, guns, and hard plated cross bows.Mages and warlocks lined up while priests healed the wounded with the remaining magical potions and spells.

They wouldn’t last much longer than this.

Heavily wounded warriors got ready for their last attack, but for the first time in what seems like an eternity, the remaining group saw a chance for victory. The dragon, now towering high and mighty above in her cave, revealed fear which filled all our hearts with hope. Her descent was heavy as she anticipated the danger that lurked near her flanks where hunters’ pets waited hungrily for the command of their masters to tear her apart”Send in the pets, now, yelled our leader urgently, a seasoned veteran in the battles of Azeroth.

“We need more damage per second if Onyxia changes her target, one of the commanders screamed trough the fire and smoke, not sure if his orders reached any ears but an ear curdling scream and earth shattering thunder filled our senses and as the ashes and dust settled we all cheered from the deepest corners of our lungs: Onyxia is dead.

As I look around I see the heavy price we paid: 12 survivors.

“The loot better be good this time, Gez, the warrior, moans as priest and paladins wandered around to resurrect the dead and heal the wounded.

The battle against Onyxia was a guild of 40 people playing online across Europe and the Middle East. Most of them I’ve known now for more than 2 years, sharing a passion for this ultimate Dungeons and Dragons game – some from England, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, even from Russia and the Ukraine.

With no age or gender limit, this game can be played seriously or for fun, intensely or relaxed.

With over 8 million subscribers worldwide, no other computer game ever has ever caught the imagination and captivated gamers over such a long period of time and in such massive numbers, clearly earning it s acronym MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game).

There is lots of magic in Azeroth, no death forever, and no wound that cannot be healed in the fantastic World of Warcraft. Friends made forever, the places to discover endless and the battles of epic dimensions are just around the corner waiting for you.

What more can I say . now, I need to go, Outland is waiting.

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