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MB Protest--Freedom and Justice Party Handout

Former FJP member arrested in Cairo

The former parliament member is facing a death sentence alongside ousted president Mohamed Morsi for escaping from Wadi El-Natrun Prison in 2011

Emad El-Sayed

The parliament and the Egyptian elite

I have never officially belonged to any political current. I never held a membership card for any political party, or even an NGO. I was, and still am, proud of being a journalist standing at an equal distance from all currents; I admire the behaviour of some and reject the behaviour of others. I was, …


Germany’s culture elite gears up for Bayreuth

It's all about the operas of Richard Wagner – but it's also about dressing up and being seen on the red carpet. The Bayreuth Festival opens with pomp, management changes, and a new production. Heading the list of VIPs at the opening of the Bayreuth Festival on Saturday (25.07.2015) is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, joined by German Parliament President Norbert…

SEC will form a new committee to update voters' database for upcoming Parliamentary elections.

(Photo by Hassan Ibrahim)

Election race heat up, as registration doors shut

Candidates started applying to the SEC on 8 February, with the door for candidacy set to be closed on 17 February, but which was then extended by two days for those who had applied but were missing the required documents