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Ziad A. Akl

On that upcoming parliament

  Over the coming two weeks, a new parliament will be elected in Egypt, the second since January 2011. This forthcoming parliament, which is long overdue, will indeed be celebrated as a tangible step on Egypt’s road to democracy. But before we get caught up in the mechanics of the coming election, before we start …

(Courtesy of Gameela Ismail)

Between a paranoid dinosaur state and a mythical monster: Gameela Ismail

Egyptian politician and media figure, Gameela Ismail gave a speech at the Middle East Institute conference held in Washington DC Wednesday, entitled “Politics vs security: Setbacks and opportunities in Egypt”. Below is the full text of the speech. Thank you Doyle, thank you all, panellists, organisers of this conference, attendes, the Middle East Institute, Kate …

MB Protest--Freedom and Justice Party Handout

Former FJP member arrested in Cairo

The former parliament member is facing a death sentence alongside ousted president Mohamed Morsi for escaping from Wadi El-Natrun Prison in 2011

Emad El-Sayed

The parliament and the Egyptian elite

I have never officially belonged to any political current. I never held a membership card for any political party, or even an NGO. I was, and still am, proud of being a journalist standing at an equal distance from all currents; I admire the behaviour of some and reject the behaviour of others. I was, …


Germany’s culture elite gears up for Bayreuth

It's all about the operas of Richard Wagner – but it's also about dressing up and being seen on the red carpet. The Bayreuth Festival opens with pomp, management changes, and a new production. Heading the list of VIPs at the opening of the Bayreuth Festival on Saturday (25.07.2015) is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, joined by German Parliament President Norbert…