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Charl Fouad El-Masry

Fifth generation wars: Media as modern form of guerrilla warfare

In my last article, I explained the concept of fourth generation warfare, and I touched on the wars of the first, second, and third generations. We took Egyptian media as an example, and Egypt – its state and people – as the operational field. In the concluding part we will discuss fifth generation warfare. Firstly, …

Charl Fouad Al-Masry

Charl Fouad El-Masry

Fourth generation warfare: Media as a weapon, and Egypt as battlefield

By Charl Fouad El-Masry The term fourth generation warfare has been circulating widely recently, with some claiming that Egypt is facing this kind of warfare. Thereby, let me first introduce the previous generations. First generation warfare is simply a war between two countries in a specific location, although one Egyptian military expert defined it in …

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