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Local designer Farida Temraz launched her new collection in collaboration with Zagh at NYFW

Temraza and Zagh represent strong women at NYFW

For fashion designers and fanatics, New York is the city of dreams. The big apple has been a top fashion capital for many decades. Meanwhile, the seasonal fashion week is, without a doubt, a destination and target for many aspiring talents. Farida Temraz is a young and promising local fashion designer that has managed, in …

Nayera Yasser

Zang chose few online influencers to represent "Vandalism"
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Zang paves the way to international standards with ‘Vandalism’ 

With life following a faster pace controlled by technology and modern life, local fashion is forced to cope and shift in order to leap into the new millennium. Even though local brands are currently on the rise, the top tier is often specialised in couture rather than ready-to-wear. On the other hand, streetwear has defiantly …

Nayera Yasser

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Amna Elshandaweely: breaking moulds with Siwan fashion

Walking into Siwa, all colours come to life, all scents come out to dance, and the pace of life matches the beat of the drums. Siwa is one of the many places indigenous to the Amazigh in North Africa. Their vivid and authentic traditions make them an ethnic group that repeatedly inspires creative people. Even …

Nayera Yasser

La Mode A Beyrouth

La Mode A Beyrouth: Cairo’s newest fashion marathon

For five nights, Egypt’s fashion experts and enthusiasts flocked to the Fairmont Towers in Heliopolis to witness fashion history in the making. La Mode A Beyrouth Cairo is a franchise of Lebanon’s official fashion week, which aims to bring international quality to the local market. The event was held on 19-23 November, and it debuted …

Daily News Egypt

Izzat Traboulsi the regional owner of Hugo Boss
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Fashion between economic reforms and purchasing awareness

A few years ago, Egypt opened its arms to international brands. In a short timeframe, local malls were filled with top-notch brands and updated collections. While 2015 witnessed multiple opening ceremonies of the world’s most coveted names, 2016 went in the opposite direction. After some complicated regulations and negative economic decisions, a few brands have …

Nayera Yasser

Raghda Helal showcased a bridal finale with a voluminous maxi gown
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Cairo Couture Collections lights up the Nile in spectacular fashion

With the winter season slowly but surely unfolding, Cairo Couture Collections (CCC) decided to pay one last tribute to the fair autumn weather with a night on the Nile. The annual event came back for a fourth season with a strong concept. For one night only, Egypt’s newest couture collections floated over the Nile as …

Daily News Egypt

menna khalil

Menna Khalil captures the enchanting Amazigh culture

Born with a free soul within the boundaries of tradition and norms, she has a strong bond with nature and a strong urge to let her dreams run wild. Malika is a girl that all women carry inside their souls. She has a driving stamina to explore, travel, and change realities. Jewellery designer Menna Khalil …

Nayera Yasser

Spectrum Collection is inspired by the prism of light
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Jude Benhalim: armour of confidence and individuality

She is a woman who is proud of her identity; yet, cannot find the right way to show it to the world. She has many dreams, but none of them include a life-partner that would curb the strength of her wings. She is many things; yet, one thing remains clear: she is anything but ordinary. …

Nayera Yasser

Norine Farah is set to participate in Word Fashion Week in Paris in November 2016
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Egypt’s fashion industry takes an international leap for SS17

According to the world’s most prominent fashion experts, September is the new year of the fashion calendar. It is the peak time when trends emerge and designers fight for survival. The significant month gains its importance from the respectable line of international fashion weeks. From New York to London and Paris, every year the industry’s …

Nayera Yasser

Hussein Bazaza

Hussein Bazaza awakens the eternal beauty of Sophia, the Alchemist

She was born a princess: rich, beautiful, and influential. However, her power was always limited for it was only a matter of time before it would age. Princess Sophia lived during the medieval ages in Europe, when alchemy was both a vital science and method of art. For years, the princess searched for the elixir …

Nayera Yasser

Jude Benhalim brilliantly made this season’s must-have jewellery item with her Aurora Chokers  (Facebook Photo)

5 fashion statements for summer 2016

Whether chilling on the beach or spending the night in one of the country’s biggest parties, fashion statements are important. While few local labels have already proven to be great wearable companions to all sorts of occasions, the year’s busiest season requires a few iconic pieces. This year Sahel has established itself as Egypt’s top …

Nayera Yasser

Alexander McQueen used robotic arms to create a historic presentation in 1999

Haute-Tech Fashion: is Egypt ready to wear technology on its sleeves?

In 1999, model Shalom Harlow stood on a revolving platform while her classic white dress was completely transformed by none other than a pair of robotic arms. The shocking presentation was part of the late Alexander McQueen’s spring show and the beginning of a new era in fashion. Technology has greatly affected all aspects of …

Nayera Yasser