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Mohammed Nosseir

Is Egyptian society a truly religious one?

A helicopter view of our society would certainly show that Egyptians are apparently strongly attached to their religions. Hundreds of visible mosques and churches, many of them built over 1,000 years ago, have earned Cairo the name of ‘the city of a thousand minarets’. There is no doubt that the practice of religion in Egypt …

DW photo

The real tragedy of ignoring conflict

The three-year-old boy the world has come to know as Aylan Kurdi is now buried with his older brother and mother in his hometown of Kobani in Syria. It’s hard to imagine a tragedy so profound and so heart wrenching as the sight of his lifeless body lying face down on a beach in Turkey, …


Village in Sierra Leone quarantined after Ebola death

Earlier this week, the whole area was placed on high alert to ensure the virus would not spread. A three-week lockdown was announced for the village where the woman lived, on Friday, affecting almost 1,000 residents.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
(AFP Photo)

Merkel demands total overhaul of EU refugee policy

Merkel also stressed that all EU nations were expected to live up to the Geneva Convention on refugees, repeating her threat of seeking legal action against states, which stood in breach of European immigration policy.

Syrian refugees AFP

Austrians demonstrate in support of Syrian refugees

This latest incident in Austria has also raised the awareness of citizens in some Arab countries, such as Tunisia, including the cities of Tunis, Aryanah, Banzart and Nabeul, who expressed their desire to receive Syrian refugees.


 Niger embassy ‘militant’ killed in action amid claims of ‘execution’

Since the 25 January Revolution, which came about due to criticise and challenge the practices of Egypt’s police, the state has been providing much effort to help restore the image of the important state pillar: the police. Propaganda videos of latest operations, arrests, and killings are featured almost daily on news broadcasts on state TV. …