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Emad El-Din Aysha

Prophecies come true: When there’s nowhere to hide from culture

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD A stunning opera show was held on Egyptian TV on the birth of Islam last week, with beautiful music and a spectacular light show, superb direction, acting and great lighting and costumes. This was done for the October War celebrations; however it seemed a bit overly religious for such a …

Dr. Cesar Chelala

Cultural treasures are also victims of war

The “Islamic State” militant group recently smashed several art pieces at the Palmyra UNESCO World Heritage site, in the Syrian city of that name. Even more brutally, they beheaded 82-year-old Khaled Al-Assad, one of Syria’s most respected archaeologists, who had been the keeper of Palmyra for more than 50 years. In Yemen, the damage to three out of …


How the IS is waging war on Syrian culture

When the terrorist organisation “Islamic State” (IS) took over Syria’s ancient desert city of Palmyra in May, they were hoping to open a lucrative business. Many of the valuable artefacts in the city, they reckoned, would make their way into the international art market and become a sizeable source of income


How Egypt lost its soft power edge

Egypt was always widely renowned for its soft power, which it used to shape and influence millions of Arabs – those living in the Middle East region as well as Arab emigrants abroad. Unfortunately, we have been steadily losing our clear superiority in this area over the last few decades, due to hindrances created by …

Bookstores now decline to sell books with “inappropriate” content
(Photo Handout)

Young authors were faced with cruel injustice due to Al-Sisi’s decree

It is sad and shameful that a terrible decree would be taken into consideration without anyone protesting or asking why, especially since publishing houses as well as bookstores took it more seriously than those who issued it.It is sad and shameful that a terrible decree would be taken into consideration without anyone protesting or asking why, especially since publishing houses as well as bookstores took it more seriously than those who issued it.

"Al-Aahd, Al-Kalam Al-Mobah" ("The Covenant, the Permissible Speech") is successful fantasy series this Ramadan. 

(Photo Public Domain)

Fantasy takes over Egyptian drama in Ramadan series

By Rana Khaled The yearly marathon of Ramadan series has started, raising waves of praise and criticism by thousands of viewers, who share their thoughts and judgments daily on different social media sites. Like last Ramadan, most of the series this year focused on tackling social issues, such as “Waly El-Aahd”, starring Lucy, Hamada Helal …

The sketch and pen which never leave her hand 
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The girl who paints her diaries instead of writing them

In an exclusive interview with Daily News Egypt, Koraeim talked to us more about her passion for drawing and explained her remarkable understanding of the essence of arts and the main problems they encounter in Egypt.

Only few novels hit the politics issues at the past year, Al Asyad was one of them 
(Photo Public domain)

The novel’s journey during Al-Sisi’s first year as president

Unlike the first days of the 25 January Revolution and the following two years, when most writers were keen to inject their social writings with political messages to cope up with the current events, political novels did not capture the greatest attention of most writers in the past year.

DNE Photo

When music tells the story of a nation

The concert was the first in a series of concerts dedicated for the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

Shaaba along side few other talents spent the night sharing their deepest thoughts
(Photo by DNE)

The Word Project: Egypt’s platform for poetry

“My goal is to get young writers in Egypt published, because you need to see your by-line somewhere, and if your story is good and authentic it will get there,” says founder

The “Freedom of Creativity Centre” provides youth initiatives covering training sessions and studios for their rehearsals
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Fighting centralism, Alexandria initiatives promote cultural knowledge

Believing that Alexandria must remain Egypt’s cultural capital, a number of young people who are interested in developing and promoting the artistic and cultural industries dedicated their time and effort to launching various initiatives and projects aiming to enhance and reinforce the cultural scene in the coastal city.