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business confidence

German business confidence battered

Confidence among German business leaders has slipped markedly, the latest monthly index of Germany’s Ifo economic research institute has shown. Global uncertainties are finally taking their toll, experts say.

Deutsche Welle

EDGE co-founder Aniela Unguresan

Gender equity makes ‘business sense’

The EDGE Certification process promotes gender equality in the workplace. Setting global standards and using a business approach to gender equity makes a big difference, EDGE co-founder Aniela Unguresan told DW.

Deutsche Welle

Michael R. Czinkota

Of change, business, and governments

Some decades ago, Bill Gates of Microsoft, during a visit to Georgetown University, pronounced that there was no need for his company to have a Washington office. Oh ye of little faith—today the firm has “seen the light” and supports a major operation in Washington, D.C. In order to learn we must understand the context …

Michael Czinkota

billionaire Babak Zanjani

Corruption among Iran’s business elites

In Iran, billionaire Babak Zanjani has been sentenced to death for corruption. He once had close ties to political circles. The justice system just wants to close the case and has no interest in further explanation.

Deutsche Welle

international-marketing (1)

Marketing when things change

Macro changes in the international business environment will affect marketing content, application, context and acceptance. One prime example of adjustment success and failure is the reunification of East (GDR) and West Germany. The lessons learned from that experience might help transform other places, such as in Iran and Cuba. Twenty-five years later, an entire generation …

Michael Czinkota

Fuel supply to these plants will remain suspended until the end of Ramadan, to be able to provide power stations with the required amounts of gas, in order to prevent power outages.

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Frame of obligations set in power purchasing agreements’ final draft

Seller and buyers’ obligations for electricity have been defined in the final draft of the power purchasing agreement, which Daily News Egypt obtained a copy of. According to the draft, the electricity seller should design, procure, install, and test the production facility, as well as own it, operate it and maintain it. All electricity generated …

Daily News Egypt