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Latest in Year End 2012


Most read columns in 2012

Daily News Egypt would like to thank contributors to the Commentary page who provided us and our readers with insight, analysis, hope and in some cases laughter to pull us through the stressful times

Daily News Egypt

The centre also recommended that the interim government educate citizens on the“parameters of the referendum, including what results or thresholds will constitute approval as well as what will happen if the referendum fails”.
(DNE File Photo/ Hassan Ibrahim)

A Year in Review: Constitutional mazes

For the past two years whoever has been in power in Egypt has taken it upon themselves to issue constitutional decrees in order to right the wrongs of previous decrees. Predictably, this plunged the country into constitutional chaos.

Liliana Mihaila

"Glory to the martyrs"
Hassan Ibrahim

Art & Culture: a year in review (part 2)

Over the past year DNE has often chosen to let images speak for themselves. Striking photographs, accompanied by a few short sentences tell the stories of what is happening all around us. From seasonal fruits and vegetables to important landmarks, the writing on the walls and human interaction that represents our reality; these pictures say it all. Here are our favourites.

Fady Salah

CirCairo 2012 performing in front of Abdeen Palace Laurence Underhill / DNE

Art & Culture: a year in review (part 1)

Egypt’s Art&Culture scene flourished in 2012. From music, contemporary dance to photography, festivals and exhibitions of paintings, the underground scene grew exponentially.
Many artists quote the revolution as their inspiration and controversial subject matters were seen more than ever before. Artists in Egypt have become more outspoken and the diversity in their work made for a vibrant, surprising and entertaining year. Here are some of our highlights of 2012.

Fady Salah


Lifestyle: a year in review

In the past year the Lifestyle pages in DNE have covered food, fashion, jewellery, Green Initiatives, health, wellness and much more. We tasted cupcakes on your behalf, found out about kiteboarding, told you where to ride your bike and gave you many ways how to cook proper Egyptian food. Here are our favourites of 2012

Fady Salah

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