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The hijab in has become the most common outfit for the majority of women in Egypt. Being part of the everyday outwear, Egyptian women continue to develop new ideas for hijab styles every day, starting with the traditional wrap that covers the head and the neck until reaching a looser style of Spanish hijab, which many find many suitable in the summer and happy occasions. The Daily News Egypt explores the world of hijab styles in Egypt and how women select them. 
(Aaron T. Rose/ DNE)

Hijab fashion in Egypt: a classical wrap or a trendy “Spanish”?

The hijab fashion in Egypt has been changing rapidly over the last ten years. Although the Spanish style veil has emerged five years ago, a newer and faster “Spanish” is getting simpler and looser now. Some argue that the traditional hijab, despite the new florescent colours, will soon fade out in Egypt.

Experienced Nigerian maids commonly perform domestic cleaning or babysitting roles 
(Photo by: Ethar Shalaby)

Foreign maids: a flourishing new market in Egypt

Every month, hundreds of immigrants, whether Nigerians, Indonesians or Filipinos, arrive in Cairo seeking employment as cleaners and babysitters. More and more families are hiring foreigners rather than Egyptians as maids despite the higher financial cost. Daily News Egypt explores the burgeoning community of foreign maids in the country and also seeks out the fate of traditional Egyptian housemaids vis-a-vis the new configuration of domestic help within Egypt.

A donor supplies the Hepatitis C patient with about 60 per cent of his healthy liver 
(AFP Photo)

Liver transplants: Driven by desperation

In Egypt, the chronic liver disease Hepatitis C is a major concern in medical circles. Specialists are recording an increasing rate of infection in the country, and liver transplants are sometimes the only solution. However, it can be extremely difficult to find liver donors in Egypt.

Social pressures, especially for unmarried women, are extremely problematic when speaking about abortion
(AFP Photo / Gent Shkullaku)

Abortion in Egypt: Whose choice?

There are few options for women in Egypt who choose to undergo an abortion. Financial constraints, social stigmas, the issue of morality and “unavailable” over-the-counter medication have forced a vast number of women into backstreet abortions. Daily News Egypt explores how social, cultural and religious ideals restrict a woman’s right to choose what is best for her.

Review: Commentaries continue to watch Mubarak’s trial

Mubarak’s healthy condition and wide smile continued to attract attention from the Egyptian writers in major newspapers. Other commentators called upon the youth to unify their efforts to achieve the objectives of the 2011 revolution Abdel Hakim Al-Shami Search for the new-look Freedom and Justice Newspaper Al-Shami recalls the recent scene of ousted president Mubarak …

Review: Op-Eds debate Mubarak’s court session

After ousted President Mubarak appeared smiling and waving behind the bars, more than one writer has explored the court rulings and the possibility of a counter-revolution. Several commentators believe that those supportive of the 25 January revolution were busy with minor cases and were not concerned with the death of protesters. Mubarak has ended and …

Review: Columnists analyse Mubarak’s smile behind the bars

In the occasion of ousted President Mubarak’s retrial, op-ed pages dissect how he appeared waving to the people in the courthouse as if no revolution has occurred. How will the country be administrated in the coming six months? Hassan Nafaa Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper After President Mohamed Morsi’s statements about the probability of holding parliamentary elections …

Columnists debate sectarian tensions in Egypt

After the recent incidents in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral, writers in major Egyptian newspapers have explored the issue of sectarian strife in the country, believing that the extremism spreading across Egypt is the primary cause of the sectarian violence. The road to fascism Mohamed Abul Ghar Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Abul Ghar condemns the recent …

Review: April 6 celebration and Iranian tourists

Commentators in major Egyptian newspapers have discussed the celebration of the sixth anniversary of the April 6 Youth Movement and the potential for establishing its own political party. Meanwhile, some writers continued to condemn the negative reaction of the Salafis in Egypt after the recent visits of Iranian tourists to Luxor.   Mohamed Salmawi The …

A US belly dancer performs during a competition at the Oriental Dance Festival in Cairo
(AFP Photo)

Belly Dance in Egypt

Belly dancing is one of the most fascinating styles of dance in Egypt. Cairo is known as the global capital of belly dancing. Following the increasing appearance of foreign belly dancers in Egypt’s nightclubs and casinos, the Daily News Egypt looks at the belly dancing industry in Egypt and learns about the different techniques and styles of belly dancing. Considering the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Egyptian politics, some are concerned that belly dancing might become more restricted in Egypt. Belly dancers, though, have faith that their profession will continue to grow.

Review: Columnists discuss Iranian tourists in Egypt, condemn Morsi’s big mistakes

Writers in several newspapers hve focused their commentaries on the recent group of Iranian tourists who visited the Upper Egyptian city of Luxor. A few writers criticised the negative reactions of the Salafis in Egypt, who fear potential Iranian influence on the country. In another note, some commentaries have explored Egyptians’ hatred towards Morsi arguing …

Pupils fight in the playground
Ethar Shalaby

Educating with a broomstick

Officials claim incidents of violence against students are ‘minor’, while some parents support ‘harmless’ beatings to keep the kids under control

Morsi’s presidential team, which was launched as composing of “different colours of the political spectrum,” is now formed by five Islamist advisors, Only Emad Abdullah, a police general, is considered independent. (File Photo) (AFP\Photo)

Presidential team shrinks

Eleven of Morsi’s original 21 advisory board members have walked out leaving Islamist aides and advisors