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Foodist at work, photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Something Fishy

Over time I came to realise that some people were simply so used to eating low-grade fish that when faced with the real thing they mistook it for being off. Such myths and misconceptions are boundless in the restaurant business.

Foodist at work, photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Seoul Food

There are some great restaurants here but over time I discovered that what Maadi does better than anywhere else in Cairo is Asian food thanks to the large Asian community located here.

Foodist at work, by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Nature vs. Nurture

This common wisdom has been repeated so often in the press that it has become a mantra among those in the slow food movement and also among many rank-and-file foodies, who have in common that they swallow these myths without asking the necessary questions.

Foodist at work, photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Trio (Part 2) – The Food

The meat is ground fresh on the premises daily and blended with caramelized balsamic onion, roasted garlic and egg yolk. Perfection on a soft, buttery bun. Topped with homemade pickles, fresh tomatoes and lettuce, Hernandez’s aioli of sweet and sour dill with chilies, black pepper and pickle juice put this one over the top.

Foodist at work, photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Trio (Part I) – The Chef

If you’ve seen the film Food, Inc. (2008)—and if you haven’t, you should—you’ll know that industrial farming is ruining the food chain. The health and welfare of the planet, unchecked by government regulations, is being held hostage to corporate greed. It’s up to us to stop it. Not through petitions or demonstrations, rather, we should …

Foodist at work by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Four Thumbs Up

My youngest was born a foodist, a trait she happily developed in gleeful opposition to her food-averse sister as she instinctively sought out an unoccupied niche in the family culture.

Foodist at work by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: A Tuk Tuk to Jaisalmer

Food for thought. Never imagined I’d employ that cliché, but in this case it fits. Let’s eat, drink and be merry for the betterment of the world. I like it. Restaurants are cultural places anyway—art, music, food, fashion, and politics. Why not take it the extra kilometer and entertain ourselves for the forces of good?

Foodist at work by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Home Savoury Home

The place is always packed with Koreans and under such circumstances I always try to eat what the locals are eating. I simply asked the kitchen manager for dinner for six, which worked out beautifully as it always does.

Foodist at work, Photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: One more for the road

Still, the school district is making an effort, and even if the kids go on a hunger strike, it is preferable to the fast food made available to high school and college students in so many schools, including in Egypt.

Foodist at work by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: Slow Food

It’s all about being a locavore. Eat what grows where you live. Support your local farming community. Practice sustainability and fair labor practices. Be a good global citizen. Sounds like a good idea, but not everyone agrees on the science and the economics.

Foodist at work, photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: A Meating of the Minds

I have been going to the gym here just to break even and it’s still not working. It is all out war between my lightly armed will power and the FPF (Forces of Protein and Fat).

Foodist at work - Photo by Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: The Shock of the New

One thing America has going for it is supermarkets. For a Cairene, it’s like walking into a museum. The superabundance of everything you couldn’t possible need is unnerving.

20120627_Check, Please

Bite Me Cairo: ‘Tis the season

The original Abdel Wahab in Achrafieh (Beirut) serves some of the best Lebanese food I’ve ever had, but when a one-of-a-kind place goes chain—it now has a second branch in Beirut (Monod), one in Riyadh, one in Jeddah, and now one here in Cairo—it usually loses something in translation.

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Bite Me Cairo: Big Bang Theory

The event appeared in cyber space out of nothingness, a pop up Chef’s Table that materialized last Sunday at the Cellar Door in Maadi.

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Bite Me Cairo: We are one

So there is much Egypt can be proud of indeed. For that matter, if you’ve got bread, pigeons, molokheya and beer, what else do you really need?

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Bite Me Cairo: Wok This Way

For many years I renounced Chinese food here in the Big Mango because the choices are limited. I drifted towards Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese when I could get it.

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