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Israel imposed its blockade on Gaza in 2006. (AFP PHOTO)

The world visits Gaza

Increased opening at the Rafa crossing continues to make Egypt most of the world’s access point to Gaza

Egyptians gear up for the final phase of the constitutional referendum. (DNE/ Hassan Ibrahim)

Prepping for round two

Major political parties tour Egypt’s governorates in an effort to sway Saturday’s referendum vote

Leaders of the National Salvation Front head civil parties march to Tahrir against presidential constitutional decree. (DNE / Basil Al-Dabh)

NSF laughs off eleventh hour dialogue

Opposition leaders say it is far too late for discussions on the constitution, which were requested by the Constituent Assembly and Muslim Brotherhood

Fighting between supporters and opponents of President Morsy also broke out in Alexandria on the 23 November (File photo) AFP Photo / Stringer

Standoff in Alex

Police are negotiating between Islamists and anti-constitution protestors

6 April members began collecting signatures for a petition calling for the trial and political disenfranchisement of Qandil (file photo) (Hend Tarek)

Taking it to the streets

6 April will be in the streets on Friday, but instead of protesting the constitution they will be attempting to educate the public

The constitutional referendum will be held on two stages, the final stage will take place next Saturday.. (DNE/ FILE PHOTO/ Hassan Ibrahim)

Voting law changed

Voters in Egypt’s referendums must vote where they are registered, regardless of where they work or reside on day of vote

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahri 
(AFP Photo / IntelCenter)

Calls for Islamist revolution

Hard-line calls continue for increased Shari’a influence despite the fact most Salafi parties are backing constitution