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Croatian hostage beheaded

A photo that circulated the Internet showed Salopek’s body next to “Islamic State” flag


 Niger embassy ‘militant’ killed in action amid claims of ‘execution’

Since the 25 January Revolution, which came about due to criticise and challenge the practices of Egypt’s police, the state has been providing much effort to help restore the image of the important state pillar: the police. Propaganda videos of latest operations, arrests, and killings are featured almost daily on news broadcasts on state TV. …


Egypt’s bureaucrats rise up

Government employees at state-controlled Customs and Tax Authorities demand Minister of Finance’s resignation


‘State of Sinai’ militants threaten to kill Croatian hostage

Militant extremist group “State of Sinai” threatened to kill Croatian hostage Tomislav Salopek, if Egypt doesn’t release “Muslim female captives”, in new video released Wednesday. Salopek was shown in the short video wearing orange prisoner clothes, which are given to captives by groups affiliated to the “Islamic State” (IS) militant group. Right next to him is a militant in combat …