2 US firms submit official complaints about Egyptian exports to Trade and Industry Ministry

Shaimaa Al-Aees
1 Min Read

Two US companies have submitted an official letter to the Ministry of Trade and Industry complaining about Egyptian imports not matching US specifications and standards of quality, minister Tarek Kabil said.

At the Euromoney conference, Kabil added that the ministry will send a committee of delegates to Russia to discuss the issue of Egyptian crop exports to Russia.

Kabil pointed out that until now the ministry had not received any official complaints from Russia about Egyptian exports.

The minister said: “Egyptian exports to the COMESA market are estimated at EGP 2bn and at EGP 4bn to the rest of the African continent. We seek to enhance our presence in Africa through exhibitions and logistics centres. The ministry is going to launch the first logistics centre in Kenya next month.”

The automotive strategy has been sent to the cabinet and will be announced soon, according to the minister.


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