El Nadeem documents 67 torture cases, 87 enforced disappearances in April

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El Nadeem Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence published its monthly report documenting Interior Ministry and state civil violations in April.

The report stated that there have been 46 extrajudicial killings, nine deaths inside prisons, 67 cases of torture and mistreatment inside prisons, and 53 incidents of improper medical treatment inside prisons.

Additionally, the report recorded that there have been 87 enforced disappearances. Only 33 individuals that were reported missing have subsequently been located. There were 30 cases of violence committed by various state apparatuses.

To compile the report, El Nadeem drew from the testimonies of family members, lawyers, as well as media reports.

The report added that despite clear documentation, officials continue to deny violations.

The centre highlighted the April statement of Assistant General to the Interior Minister Hassan Al-Sohagy who stated that prisoners refused to leave prison due to the high-quality treatment. Al-Sohagy further asserted that there have not been any cases of torture or enforced disappearance.

To support its large dataset, the report referred to several examples, notably the medical negligence suffered by Yasser Essawey, 41. Essawey was refused medical treatment despite suffering poor health conditions.

The report also singled out the death of 14-year-old Mohamed Al-Ghool, who was killed after being detained for two hours by the Armed Forces in Sinai last March. Al-Ghool was detained on the suspicion that he belonged to a terrorist group, according to the report.

Despite on-going threats and receiving a closure order in February, El Nadeem has maintained its activities. The centre issued its monthly report on human rights violations by security forces against citizens in late February and March through social media.

In March, the centre documented 202 deaths, 105 enforced disappearances, and 39 cases of medical negligence inside detention centres.

El Nadeem Centre was founded in 1993, and was licensed by the Doctors Syndicate and the Health Ministry.

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