2 students killed in Friday clashes

Adham Youssef
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Ahmad El-Ansary, head of the Ambulance Department said that two people were killed and five injured in Friday’s clashes between security forces and protesters in Cairo and Fayoum.

“One was killed in Ain Shams and one was killed in Fayoum. The causes of death are still to be determined by the forensic department,” said El-Ansary.

Three out of the five injured are policemen, MENA reported.

The Ministry of Interior has yet to announce the official number of the deaths and injuries, a source in the Ministry of Interior media office told Daily News Egypt.

Students Against the Coup (SAC), a student organisation opposing the current regime, said that the person killed in Fayoum was a 19 year-old student, by the name Amr Mahmoud AbdelAziz. The group said that the person who died in Ain Shams was also a student.

The Anti-Coup Alliance (ACA), a group of Islamist parties formed in support of former president Mohamed Morsi, mourned the dead on Friday and promised more protests on 18 November.

The date falls one day before the third anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes, in which at least 47 people died. Last year, some activists chose to commemorate the anniversary one day earlier to prevent the possibility of clashes with other activist groups.

The alliance called upon its supporters to stage protests dubbed “Resist Oppression!”, in defiance of the Protest Law, a controversial law that limits the freedom of protests, and the massive evacuation of Sinai residents near the Gaza border crossing.

Following militant attacks that killed at least 30 army personnel on 24 October, the government decided to create a buffer zone along the Gaza border which involves the evacuation of thousands.

Since Morsi’s ouster in July 2013, protests and street clashes have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of protesters and scores of police personnel.

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