11 killed in Sinai raids: Military spokesman - Daily News Egypt

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11 killed in Sinai raids: Military spokesman

Unlicensed vehicles destroyed in North Sinai raids on militant targets

The armed forces conducted several raids on “hotbeds of terrorist and extremist elements” in North Sinai resulting in the deaths of 11 on Sunday, said the armed forces spokesman.

The 11 “terrorists” were killed during “an exchange of fire” with armed forces personnel, said armed forces spokesman Mohamed Abdel Aziz in a statement on Monday.

The raids also resulted in the destruction of three cars and eight motorcycles “without license plates exploited by terrorist elements in the implementation of the operations against security forces”.

In addition, three tunnels were destroyed. Tunnels in North Sinai are often used by smugglers to cross the border to the Gaza Strip.

The raid comes as part of an ongoing campaign by the armed forces to improve security in the Sinai Peninsula, which has experienced a rise in militancy over the last year.