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Diva’s Closet supplies customers with designer clothes


Fashion-conscious Egyptians can find their picks of well-known fashion brands

Diva’s Closet offers a  colourful selection of the current collections of well-known designers. Diva’s Closet Facebook page.

Diva’s Closet offers a colourful selection of the current collections of well-known designers.
Diva’s Closet Facebook page.

Fashionistas obsessed with designer clothing and accessories can find it difficult to locate imported coveted items in Egypt. Currently, the market has a few shops that feature designer items, but for the fashion-obsessed, this is not enough. Enter Diva’s Closet, a new startup that sells imported clothes to Egyptian consumers.

The people in charge of Diva’s Closet are Mrs Heba Samaha and her three daughters, Yasmin, Shahira and Dalia Shehata, who provided us with more information.

“Items are all [from designer] brands from USA. Yasmin lives in the USA and along with Heba, they are in charge of picking the stuff. They always come back with great picks. Shahira and I are in charge of marketing,” Dalia stated.

Dalia said the whole family has always been obsessed with trends and brands:  “We always had a passion for fashion since we were young and as we grew up we decided to grow this obsession into a business concept. We started with our first open day three years ago.” Given the obvious gap in the market, Diva’s Closet was an instant success.

They offer many well-known brands such as DKNY, Juicy Couture, Steve Maden, Coach, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren, among others.

“We conduct our business mainly through open days right after every trip to USA,” Dalia stated. An open day is basically a gallery or a space that features the collection for a limited time and its occurrence is announced shortly beforehand. “An open day lasts for three to four days. We use our Facebook page to make announcements and we exhibit in bazaars that target high-class customers,” she added.

When we asked about most popular items in the collection, Shehata denied that there are any that are always part of what they offer. “We try not to present the same collection every time, we always look for new things to cover all age groups and fashion interests. We also focus on acquiring the latest models and colours of the season.  When it comes to brands, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture are very popular,” Dalia added.

More information about Diva’s Closet can be found on their Facebook page.


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