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Sweet mishmish are the ultimate seasonal delicacy

Photo DNE archive/Hassan Ibrahim
Photo DNE archive/Hassan Ibrahim

The change of seasons in Egypt happens rapidly and some last a lot longer than others, depending on where you are. Winter is prominent in the north of the country, while summer seems to last forever in the south and autumn often passes without anyone, anywhere, noticing.

Spring, however, is short and sweet and is marked by warm days, evenings of cool breezes and a plethora of delicious fruit. While some of the soft-skinned fruits are available well into the summer, like peaches and plums, apricots are only here for the few short weeks spring lasts.

The appearance of the golden, fragrant fruit heralds, in the few weeks a year that you still wear a light sweater in the evening, that the season of shibshib, airco and sweltering heat is on its way; however, for now, the weather is balmy and wonderful. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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