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President of Cairo University approves police presence on campus during exams


President says police will remain outside interior campus unless “riots” occur

By Jake Lippincott
President of Cairo University Gaber Nasser will discuss allowing police forces to secure the upcoming end of semester exams with Giza Security Major General Kamal Daly.

Cairo University is one of many educational institutions to witness violent, often deadly, protests pitting youthful supporters of ousted President Morsi against security forces.

The increased police presence in universities across Egypt has created significant controversy, as they have often been accused of brutality.

Sarah Youssef, a spokeswoman for the group Students Against the Coup, accused security forces arbitrarily arresting people, adding that “security forces fired at the students from a short range” at previous protests.

Nasser stated that he hopes there will be no need for police to actually enter the university grounds, adding that they will be stationed only at exits and entrances. However, he highlighted he will allow police to enter in the “case of riots”.


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