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MOI approves two protests under new law

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Protests outside the Lawyers Syndicate and State Council approved under controversial new law

Interim Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim  (AFP Photo)

Interim Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim
(AFP Photo)

The Ministry of Interior has approved two protests to take place as per the new Protest Law approved by interim President Adly Mansour on Sunday.

The ministry said it had received applications from “lawyers and political powers” to hold protests outside the Lawyers Syndicate in Cairo and the State Council building in Giza. The Ministry declined to provide further details regarding the applicants or the agreed time for the demonstrations to take place.

Interim Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim held a meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss the implementation of the new law that has received much criticism both domestically and internationally.  During the meeting Ibrahim stressed the need for the ministry to make plans to ensure that approved demonstrations do not block roads. He added that there is a commitment to “implement the procedures set by the law in dealing with demonstration if they are not peaceful.”

Political groups and activists claim that the new law violates the right to protest and freedom of assembly, saying that it makes it almost impossible to hold a protest.

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