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Support objectivity, subscribe to DNE’s new services


Support Egypt’s sole independent daily newspaper in English

Support DNESince its launch in 2005, The Daily News Egypt has consistently served as Egypt’s free and independent voice to the world. Over nine tough years, members of its teams have never balked at risking their lives and dedicating their time to providing the world with objective coverage of Egypt – a clear and comprehensive picture of the Egyptian streets that is otherwise lacking. DNE is a local newspaper, invested by a group of Egyptian entrepreneurs with no political agendas. It is mostly produced by Egyptian journalists, side by side with a number of foreign journalists, all of whom possess deep understanding of the country’s local affairs and culture. It is a team that knows best about their own country and knows how to properly detail the local and transform it into a professional news product with international standards.

Now, in this time of political uncertainty, economic turmoil and scarcity of advertising, DNE finds it very challenging to continue its job as Egypt’s only and last independent newspaper in English.

DNE is not asking for aid or charity; it is proposing solutions. We are simply offering services that you care about, since you happen to be reading these lines now. We are offering you a variety of valuable services that we cannot afford to provide for free. And by your subscription, Egypt’s objective voice will continue being loudly heard. Now, it is your turn to share the responsibility. Now is the time to ACT.


DNE’s New Services

One year subscription for PDF edition + free DNE Annual Political Report… US$ 150 or LE 1000

One year subscription for PDF edition + free DNE Annual Economic Report… US$ 150 or LE 1000

6 months subscription for PDF edition… US$ 90 or LE 600

DNE Annual Political Report… US$ 100/LE700

DNE Annual Economic Report… US$ 100/LE700

*Both DNE’s annual political and economic reports are produced by specialised teams of high caliber researchers and analysts in 50+ pages, and will be published and delivered every January.

To order any of the above offers, kindly CLICK HERE and select your options. Visa and Mastercard accepted.


Subscribe to DNE 24/7 SMS News Service available on all mobile networks in Egypt… LE 7/month or LE 0.30/day


Vodafone: send (291) to 9999 for news updates in English, or send 290 to 9999 for Arabic.

Mobinil: Send (1) to 3970 for news updates in English, or send (2) to 3970 for Arabic.

Etisalat:  (853) to 1666 for news updates in English, or send (852) to 1666 for Arabic.


For more information regarding DNE SMS news subscription and mobile networks, please CLICK HERE.


About the author

Maher Hamoud

Maher Hamoud

Former Editor-in-Chief

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Daily News Egypt, and currently Media Politics Analyst. He can be followed on Twitter @MaherHamoud1, his public page on Facebook, or email: [email protected]

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