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Morsi accused of complicity in 2012 protest deaths: sources

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Morsi already stands accused of crimes related to his 2011 escape from prison

Ousted president Morsi already stands accused of crimes related to his 2011 escape from prison, and the new allegations mean his current detention will be extended by 15 days (AFP File Photo)

Ousted president Morsi already stands accused of crimes related to his 2011 escape from prison, and the new allegations mean his current detention will be extended by 15 days (AFP File Photo)

AFP – Egypt’s ousted leader Mohamed Morsi was accused Monday of complicity in the deaths and torture of protesters outside his presidential palace in late 2012, judicial sources said.

He already stands accused of crimes related to his 2011 escape from prison, and the new allegations mean his current detention will be extended by 15 days started next week.

In December 2012, thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the presidential palace in Cairo to protest against a presidential decree that expanded Morsi’s powers and an Islamist-drafted constitution.

Five people died in the clashes between Morsi’s backers and opponents in Cairo on December 5 when rival demonstrations turned violent.

An Egyptian court last month ordered Morsi’s detention for questioning over alleged ties with Palestinian militants in prison breaks and attacks on police.

The first accusation relates to a prison break in early 2011, in which Morsi and other political inmates escaped during the revolt against strongman Hosni Mubarak.

An Egyptian court said on June 23 that the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah had been involved in the prison break at the Wadi Natrun jail, north west of the capital.

At the time, Morsi said he had escaped along with 33 other key members of his Muslim Brotherhood movement after residents opened the doors for them.

Security sources said thousands of prisoners overpowered their guards at the Wadi Natrun before escaping.

Other top Brotherhood figures are due to stand trial on August 25 on charges of inciting the shootings of protesters outside their headquarters on June 30.

  • Micah Shapiro

    So who will stand trial for complicity in the 1300+ dead who have been massacred in the last 2 months, in what Human Rights Watch and Amnesty have called the greatest aggression against human rights in Egypt’s history.

    • Ebrahim

      What do you expect from a third world country. Everything is corrupt there, justice, media, army, government,…. We are all Rabaa :)

    • Sammyb

      Shapiro, after reading you vicious attack on that guy, I feel compelled to call you insensitive and self centered moron, I just hope you never comment on anything in the future, I will be watching and ready to respond to you!

      • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

        I wonder if you got power in Egypt how you are going to smash MB. Just a comment innocent observer and you are showing your nails to intimidate Micah Shapiro to not comment on anything in the future. What dictator you are! Your blinder view on what is going on in Egypt now will turn against you. wait and see.

        • Sammyb

          You got me wrong again, all you have to do is to click on Shapiro’s and and read his comment under the title I mention in my response to him, you should not rush to judging me before you know the facts, retract your claws!

      • Micah Shapiro

        ummm, sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about. Honestly

        • Sammyb

          Go back and read your comment that began with” I have taking university classes……” and then you will know what I am talking about, no one deserve such abuse and you are NOT the only one who took(university classes)!

          • Micah Shapiro

            Ummm, abuse? the guy was trash talking Muslims, and taking a complicated subject and basically just spewing hate speech. Talk about abuse.

            My only point was that if Shariah is merely the depth of “stoning women to death”, then the subject matter probably wouldn’t be taught in college.

            You are right, I am not the only one, and I am no scholar by any means. But I find it funny for someone to spew such ridiculous claims (who by the way never took any college classes on the subject), when Muslims themselves are in dispute over the meaning, implementation and theology of Shariah. I knew an Islamic scholar who even went as far as claiming that the British system is more in lieu of Shariah than what we see today in places such as Saudi Arabia.

            If you think that’s abuse, please go back and read the conversation again (and perhaps read the other guy’s hate fuming rhetoric while you are at it, and ask yourself who is the calm one. Clearly you and him are both feeling a lot of rage).

            And and it speaks volumes about your character to threateningly forbid someone from dare commenting on someone’s views whom you or another disagrees on. You must be an avid fan of leaders like Mubarak, or perhaps Sisi.

          • Sammyb

            To make it short and sweet, I’m not forbidden you or anyone from expressing his/her point of view, I happen to be a strong believer in freedom of speech which is not permitted by Islamists, however, the point here is to be civil to each other, I believe in freedom and also believe that the Egyptian people(majority) in deciding who their leader will be, I support General El-Sisi who is doing the people will, I am not a supporter of Mubarak, moreover, I am a strong believer in the first amendment that guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of speech! What do you think?

  • Sam Malik

    fascist military regime is bringing Mubarak or Mubarak regime back.

    • Muhammed Burhan al-Din

      I’m beginning to see the pattern of it happening.

      • looperabu

        Mubarak and Sissy are the real terrorists, they should all be killed.

    • Sammyb

      Malik, calling Mubarak with wrong name, the real fascist is your beloved felon Morse!

      • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

        I do not know that you are a son of Mubarak. Enjoy at least freedom on internet.

        • Sammyb

          Mr. DamntoMilitaryrule, what a name!,of course not, I’m just trying to make a point, I wouldn’t call Morsi the FELON a good guy, he, and with his approval, his thugs followers killed innocent Copts and burnt a lot of churches, I see you condoning their action, and I also see you as A Christian hater, after all, you are an Islamist lover!

          • Sammyb

            I’m heading to the airport and I’ll in Munich in about 15 hours, if you want to meet me, email me and I will make it work.

          • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

            If you are living in MUNICH and still behaving like this ,I wonder when are you going to be a person. Can you underline from all my writing where and which show that I am A Christian hater?

        • Sammyb

          Sorry, the Munich thing is meant for DamntoMilitaryrule.

  • Penny Messahel

    I am an American working and living here in Egypt for several years. I have seen all of the many changes since the early 90’s. I have seen the good and the bad. At the very beginning of all of this “mess”, on June 28th, a friend and colleague, Andrew Pochter, was killed. Right away, I knew that it was the beginning of the end here. With the many events going on globally and un-transparent meetings taking place with various leaders, I suspected that a civil war would soon be looming. And as far as Mr. Morsi being tried for crimes he may have commited last year and other crimes he did in the past, and….for Mr. Mubarak to be found innocent of his financial indiscretions that he commited while during his many decades in office?…..both sides are not right. There could be valid arguments, perhaps even from a legal aspect, for both men. I do not condone anything, and frankly I, and the entire foreign community who are still holed up here in various pockets of the country are absolutely terrified at what we have seen here, first hand. There have not been many people around who we know who have not been touched by the death of someone we know, or a friend of a friend. In my opinion, there should have been some sort of diplomatic talks before any of this escalated to its present horror. I, personally, believe in moderation. The middle. No government should be, for the good of all of its people, be taking any extreme stance to rule…because if that is the case, there will always be some people disenfranchised socially and economically, and, well, you see what has happened here. So, I end my long ramble by just saying that all people, all human beings, despite what nationality they are, what religion they may be, what cultural beliefs they hold, people, deep down, are just that….people. They all have the same dreams and aspiratations for a good life, They all want to marry, have a family, have an ok job, have a roof over their heads and decent food to eat, and maybe even enough money to take a vacation with their family now and then. For the sake of so many innocent people here in Egypt, the violence, aggression, and atrocities have to stop. We have to come to our senses and realize that by taking sides, we ultimately may be condemning many people, including the most innocent of all, the children. Fellow commentors, I firmly believe everyone is truly entitled to their own opinion, but, let us try and set aside our differences and think objectively. (I hope I did not insult anybody with this comment….I surely had no intention of doing so.) Peace.

    • Sammyb

      Penny, I really and honesty love your comment, you have not insulted me in any way, I just hope that other people would read it and refrain from making these venomous comments. Thank you penny and stay out of harms way!

      • Penny Messahel

        thanks Sammyb :)

  • Sammyb

    Mr. Shapiro, I hope you don’t mind me asking, where are you from?

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