Mansour’s first national address

Rana Muhammad Taha
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Interim president Adly Mansour (AFP File Photo)
Interim President Adly Mansour speaks to the nation on the eve of the 1973 war anniversary (AFP File Photo)
Interim President Adly Mansour speaks to the nation on the eve of the 1973 war anniversary
(AFP File Photo)

On the eve of 10 Ramadan, interim president Adly Mansour delivered a national address on state television Thursday night in memory of the 1973 war with Israel.

In his first address to the nation, Mansour was keen on reminding the people of what he described as a “glorious victory” during the war with Israel.

“This great memory shows us that what seemed as impossible became a reality,” Mansour said. “What appeared to be farfetched became within close range.”

Mansour drew a comparison between the time which preceded the 1973 war with the current times. He described the time being as a “critical stage of Egypt’s history”. He said that “some people” want this stage to be “the introduction to chaos” and “the beginning of violence and bloodshed”.

“We want it to be the road to the better … the introduction to stability … and the foundation of human rights,” Mansour said. “We fully realise that those who seek the road to bloodshed use deceptive banners and false slogans. They’re pushing the nation to the edge of the abyss, believing they are doing the right thing.”

Mansour stressed his commitment, as well as that of the newly formed cabinet, to achieving security and stability. He added that none shall be complacent with those who “kill the innocent”.

The interim president also addressed Egypt’s relations with the world. He said it’s not possible to be sucked into domestic challenges and forget about international dynamics. He further added that the demands of the “30 June revolution” were not only to improve livelihood but also to restore Egypt’s international status.

“We thus extend our hands to those who support peace and prosperity,” Mansour said. “The past will not absorb us from the present; domestic affairs will not distract us from the future.”

Mansour addressed the “peoples’ will”, describing it as the true legitimacy. He said that the new cabinet was formed based on that will, comprised of patriotic, efficient ministers capable of overcoming the current challenges.

He also referred to national reconciliation, hand in hand with transitional justice, saying that the presidency began working on both since the first of Ramadan. “Reconciliation aims to reach all without excluding anyone,” Mansour said.

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