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Woman killed crossing road at MIU

Sit-in calling for pedestrian bridge continues

Students Cut The Misr Ismailia Road During The Protest (Photo by Haleem El Shaarani) (File Photo)
Students Cut The Misr Ismailia Road During The Protest
(Photo by Haleem El Shaarani)
(File Photo)

By Menna Mourad

A woman was killed on Monday morning as she crossed the highway leading to Misr International University (MIU) with her daughter.

The woman was going to the university’s dental clinic when she was hit by a vehicle. “Her daughter was just injured,” said Mostafa Qandil, a student at the university.

MIU’s public relations office told Daily News Egypt that two university doctors tried to help the woman, but she died at the scene.

They added that the woman decided “not to use the shuttle buses made available to transport people to the other side” and opted to cross the road on her own.

Students began protests and a sit-in at MIU earlier in March, calling on the administration to build a pedestrian bridge over the busy highway in front of the campus.

Qandil said that the sit-in is now in its seventieth day, continuing despite mid-term exams.

Violence between protesting students and security forces broke out on 4 March when students attempted to enter the university grounds. Rubber bullets, rocks, and fire extinguisher gas were allegedly used to disperse the students.

The students and the university administration both filed complaints against each other and classes were suspended for more than 20 days.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/K.zeidan Khalid Zeidan

    They should have just took the next U-turn instead of crossing the “Highway”… Is that hard !? It’s a Fuckin’ “HIGHWAY”… Idiot people.

    • mohamed yasser

      she do not come with hair car man ,, she took a bus which have one way , so she have to croos the high way ,, did you know who is Idiot now !