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Muslim Brotherhood must leave politics: Aboul Fotouh

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Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh calls for early presidential elections and says Morsi must be held responsible for current crises

Aboul Fotouh called for early presidential elections. (AFP Photo)

Aboul Fotouh called for early presidential elections.
(AFP Photo)

Former presidential candidate and head of the Misr Al-Qawia Party Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh called for early presidential elections in a conference in Gharbeya on Sunday.

The former Muslim Brotherhood member blamed President Mohamed Morsi for the government’s failure to manage the country’s current crises, saying Morsi must be held accountable for his mistakes. Aboul Fotouh also called for early presidential elections.

He blamed the government for missing opportunities to rebuild state institutions, and criticised Morsi for surrounding himself with advisers from his own political group, rather than working on a consensus between all Egyptians.

“The Muslim Brotherhood must return to Da’wa and stay away from partisan action,” said Aboul Fotouh. “People are paying the price of confusion between Da’wa and politics.”

He also called on the Egyptian army to stay out of politics, saying the military had more important things to focus on, including securing Egypt’s borders.

Misr Al-Qawia has announced that it plans on participating in upcoming parliamentary elections.

Aboul Fotouh was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but was dismissed after declaring his candidacy for the presidency in 2011. He finished fourth in the first stage of the presidential elections and founded Misr Al-Qawia in June 2012.

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