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Tourism in the news: African Cinema Festival in Luxor has Ministry of Tourism support

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Magdi Salim, president of Egypt’s Internal Tourism Sector, stated that the second annual African Film Festival in Luxor is set to begin midway through next month.

The festival aims to put Egyptian cinema on display for promotional purposes in other African countries in an attempt to attract new audiences and tourists into the country.

Thirty countries are set to take part in the festival, including Sudan, Mali, Uganda, Liberia, Rwanda, Kenya, Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Togo, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco and Libya, in addition to about 100 African artists and movie critics.

Aza Khalil, general director of Local Tourism, stated that last year’s festival enjoyed widespread media coverage, received positive reviews from those who attended and achieved its goal of helping to strength Egyptian-African relations.


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