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Review: Op-Eds criticise sexual harassment and nepotism

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Writers in Egyptian newspapers explored the expanding phenomenon of sexual harassment, which has recently reached the largest Sunni academic institution, Al-Azhar University. Some also debated the recent appointment of Mohamed Morsi’s son to the Ministry of Civil Aviation despite gaining his degree from the faculty of commerce.


Sexual harassment in Al-Azhar University

 Moustafa Al-Naggar

Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

Moustafa Al-Naggar

After the recent incidents of sexual harassments reported in several marches across Cairo and inside Tahrir Square, Al-Naggar condemns how far harassment and intimidation have reached Al-Azhar University. The writer narrates the story of a number of female graduate students who were sexually abused by their blind supervisor in his house. The professor asked the girls to read out their thesis in his house, claiming he does not have enough time to do so at the university.

When they came over to read their research papers, Al-Naggar says the professor started to sexually harass them. Al-Naggar relates how the alleged victims didn’t speak out against the abuse for fear of ruining their academic careers. Indeed eventually one of the girls did yell at him, and Al-Naggar says that as a result the supervisor kept her thesis delayed for several years.

Sadly enough, the phenomenon of sexual harassment has reached Al-Azhar professors and affected its students, who dedicate their studies to Islamic affairs. The writer calls upon Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb to be more aware of these sad incidents that have started to occur within this supposedly religious faculty. Al-Naggar suggests the least that could be done is to strip the professor of his academic degrees and ban him from teaching again.


Not  a salvation government

Diaa Rashwan

Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

Diaa Rashwan

Rashwan dissects the political developments that took place in the last few days. He condemns the controversial appointment of President Mohamed Morsi’s son in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, stating that his graduation from the faculty of commerce does not qualify him to hold a position in the field of civil aviation. The writer also criticises news regarding the son of Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki receiving an offer to head a court in Qatar.

These incidents entail how far Egypt is immersed in a long series of corruption and nepotism that runs contrary to all the precepts of the 25 January Revolution. Rashwan blames Morsi for the unacceptable turn of events happening in the country over the past few weeks.

He adds that the departure of presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali from the presidency and announcing his new position as the head of the cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC) proves that officials in Egypt are not appointed to their positions according to their qualifications or professional experience.

Ali’s medical background as a doctor does not fit his new position as the leader of the cabinet’s think tank, states Rashwan. The writer concludes by calling upon Morsi to suspend Prime Minister Hesham Qandil and cancel all recent appointments or decisions taken in his government. Rashwan believes a new government with a new structure is the only way out.

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