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Review: Commentaries ask: ‘What are Islamists fighting for?’

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After Islamists organised a number of protests on Friday calling for the implementation of the Sharia, many writers are asking what their exact definition of “Sharia” is. On another note, some columnists criticise the performance of the “opaque” security apparatus in Egypt.


Who stands against the Sharia?

Emad Al-Din Hussein

Al-Shorouk newspaper

Emad Al-Din Hussein

Hussein recalls the slogans chanted by Islamists on Friday in front of Cairo University, such as “Yes to the Sharia”, “With our blood and souls we protect Islam”, and “Islamic [state], Islamic [state], despite the seculars”. He denounces such statements, wondering why all Islamist protesters demonstrate against liberalism as if Egyptians disrespect the implementation of the Sharia. No-one would mind the Sharia or the proper understanding of Islam so long as the Islamists show up to explain what exactly they mean by “Sharia”, the writer says.

The Church did not object to the passing of Article 2 in the constitution, and neither did the major liberal political parties such as the Free Egyptians Party. Hussein then asks what battle the Islamists are fighting, exactly? What is the core conflict between the Islamist and secular forces in Egypt? Why are Islamists fighting in the first place? Hussein believes that the fight is in fact far away from religion and the Sharia.

Whoever wishes to see this should probably consider analysing the current relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US: Morsi’s instrumental brokering of the deal between Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood branch, Hamas, to announce a ceasefire in Gaza late November, is one of the pieces of evidence proving proof that the Sharia is not the essence of the conflict today.


An unanswered question

Mohamed Salmawi

Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

Mohamed Salmawi

The recent attacks on five-star hotels such as the Shepheard’s Hotel and the Intercontinental Semiramis have urged Salmawi to criticise the security apparatus in the country.

Recalling the ambiguous reasons behind the killings of Al-Housainy Abu Daif, an Egyptian journalist, and Mohamed Al-Gendy, a member of the Popular Current who died recently, the writer asks why revolutionary figures are being targeted one after the other with no clear answers regarding who is behind the murders. Where were the security forces when assailants attacked the receptions of the hotels and started committing vandalism and stealing property?

When will the Ministry of Interior announce the identity of those who killed Jika, Al-Gendy, Abu Daif and others who had been protesting against Morsi and his regime, asks Salmawi. The continuous incidents of killings and abductions that have targeted peaceful demonstrators entail that all institutions responsible for the security and safety of the country are currently opaque and inefficient.

When will the truth be revealed as to who orchestrates and implements all the brutal attacks spreading across the country? Salmawi says the situation in Egypt is sure to get even worse so long as these questions remain unanswered.


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