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Police strike enters third day

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Demonstrating police warrant officers demand the Minister of Interior’s removal and a repeal of the new protest law

A nationwide police sit-in enters its third day as warrant officers in several governorates demonstrate in front of security directorates against a new protest law.

Warrant officers said they would remain on strike until the protest law passed by the Shura Council, Egypt’s upper House of Parliament, is repealed and the Minister of Interior is removed from office.

The new protest law bans military and police personnel from engaging in any acts of protest, which includes strikes and sit-ins. The policemen are also demanding to be armed in the face of what they called “unstable security conditions” in a reference to the newest wave of demonstrations across the country.

Unlike commissioned police officers, warrant officers are not allowed to carry guns and other lethal firearms.

Striking policemen also said they are against the “Muslim Brotherhood domination” of the Ministry of Interior, in reference to what they see as the Muslim Brotherhood’s rising influence on the ministry.

The policemen are making several other demands, including an increase in pay and a better healthcare system.

Dozens are participating in Assiut, Luxor, Aswan and North Sinai while hundreds did so in Monufia and Qalyubia. Several cities, including Mansoura and Beni Suef, saw policemen temporarily suspend their sit-in to give authorities time to respond to their demands.



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