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Kidnapped NAC member found

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National Association for Change activist found, claims he was tortured by Islamists

Courtesy of National Association for Change Facebook page

National Association for Change logo
Courtesy of National Association for Change Facebook page

The National Association for Change (NAC) announced on Monday night that kidnapped member Ahmed Habib had been found, and called for President Mohamed Morsi and the Ministry of Interior to punishing his kidnappers.

The NAC issued a statement on Monday, stating that Habib, a lawyer and member of NAC, was kidnapped by unidentified men on Thursday, 7 February while he was in front of his home in the Zaqaziq village of Hreyya Razna. The statement mentioned that Habib was forced into a microbus, before he was blindfolded and taken to an unknown location.

The NAC claimed that Habib was beaten and tortured for three days.

Ahmed Taha, a spokesperson for NAC, said the torture left Habib with several burns and bruises on his chest and back. He claimed that the kidnappers were Islamists.

Taha added that the kidnappers freed Habib on Monday, dropping him off near his home. He was then transferred to a hospital for treatment and returned home shortly after.

Habib filed a complaint citing the incident to the Zagazig second police station, and he will testify in front of Zagazig prosecutors on Wednesday.

The NAC held Morsi, Prime Minister Hesham Qandil and Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim responsible for punishing the perpetrators.

“Acts of kidnapping and terrorism won’t deprive us from continuing our peaceful struggle to achieve the goals of the 25 January Revolution,” said the NAC’s statement.

The NAC will hold a press conference at its headquarters on Wednesday to announce any developments regarding the incident.

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