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Abducted activist found showing “signs of torture”

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6 April claim the victim blames members of the Muslim Brotherhood for his ordeal

Political activist Mohamed Gamal bearing signs of what is claimed to be torture (Mahalla 6 April Facebook page)

Political activist Mohamed Gamal bearing signs of what is claimed to be torture (Mahalla 6 April Facebook page)

A member of the 6 April Youth Movement was found on Thursday morning showing “signs of torture” according to the group. The group also reported that the victim claimed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were behind his abduction.

Mohamed Gamal is a member of the Mahalla branch of the youth movement and was found dumped on the street on Thursday.

In a post on its Facebook page the group claims that when Gamal woke up he began “repeating certain words such as ‘I know each and everyone of them’ and ‘God knows them and will not leave them.’” It was also claimed that he said, “They stripped me” and “They electrocuted me.”

The group claims that Gamal then went on to name Ahmed Sami Al Rikbawy and Mahmoud Al Bara. The group reported people that both are involved with the Brotherhood.

The group reported that his health has improved and added, “when he wakes up surprises will be announced.”

The Brotherhood was not available for comment.

Malek Adly, a lawyer at the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social rights said, “It seems now that Islamists in Egypt are starting to use violence and criminal activities against political activists.” He added “ Its not just the Islamists, the ministry of interior are using these tactics as well.”

Adly pointed to the case of Mohamed ‘Kristy’ Qorany who was shot outside the presidential palace. He also highlighted the case of Mohamed El-Gendy who went missing and was found at a hospital four days later showing signs of being badly beaten and burnt. He later died as a result of his injuries.

Adly said, “We have to have some guarantees from the authorities for the safety of political activists.”


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