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CSF conscript who shot protesters in Suez arrested

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At least nine people were killed and hundreds injured in clashes between protestors and police near the Suez governorate building on Friday

A Central Security Forces conscript was arrested Saturday in Suez morning for shooting protestors on Friday.

The conscript shot at protestors after his colleague was injured during clashes between police and demonstrators, state-owned news agency MENA reported.

“We received a report that one of the conscripts working with the security forces randomly shot at protesters in a fit of rage after his colleague was injured due to a shotgun shell during the demonstration by the governorate building,” said Suez Police Chief Major General Adel Refaat.

He added that the conscript was immediately detained and an investigation was started. Adel Refaat expected the prosecution will arrive in Suez soon to inspect the crime scene.

Nine people were killed in Suez, including a 10-year-old boy, on Friday following clashes between protesters and police by the Suez governorate building. The clashes also left hundreds injured.

The army has been deployed in Suez to help the police maintain security.

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