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Qasr Al-Doubara church field hospital attacked by tear gas

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The church was forced to briefly close down

The injured were carried off to be treated at Qasr Al Doubara church's  field hospital (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim/DNE)

The injured were carried off to be treated at Qasr Al Doubara church’s field hospital (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim/DNE)

The Qasr Al-Doubara Evangelical church on Qasr Al-Aini Street was forced to briefly close down after security forces launched tear gas canisters inside the building. It is now open again and its field hospital is now operational.

“They were clearly targeting the church. They shot six tear gas canisters right into the church at the area where we are treating the injured,” said Nermeen who was helping those exposed to tear gas by providing vinegar for eye pain.

Clashes between protesters and the Ministry of Interior’s Central Security Forces on Qasr Al-Aini Street have been on-going since last night, with occasional intermittent truces.

Separated by a concrete block wall, protesters threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at the police who responded by launching a barrage of tear gas canisters. Protesters also managed to bring down five or six blocks of the wall.

An explosion occurred at 7:45 pm at Sheikh Rehan Street, where the Ministry of Interior is located. Protesters said it was likely someone throwing a butane gas tank. It is unclear if it was police or protesters who caused the explosion.

During this time, numbers in Tahrir Square were dwindling; however a large number of protesters remained in the square.

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