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Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies encouraging ‘yes’ vote

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Egyptian embassy in Saudi Arabia accused of encouraging Egyptians to vote ‘yes’ to the proposed constitution

The Ministry of Foreign affairs denied claims that the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh published a statement encouraging Egyptian citizens in Saudi Arabia to vote in favour of the proposed constitution.

Images of what appear to be official leaflets with statement “yes to the constitution” have been circulated through social networking sites.

Spokesperson for the ministry Amr Roshdy said “some groups of the Egyptian community have printed a statement and put the name of the embassy on it claiming it had the embassy’s consent for its content, forging scandalous claims.”

Roshdy pointed out, “the Egyptian consulate in Riyadh previously issued a statement warning citizens of political activities in violation of local law. The Egyptian consul general in Riyadh met with community leaders to specifically to encourage them on this.”

The referendum for Egyptian expats was scheduled to be held over four days starting on 8 December but has been postponed until 12 December. Many diplomats have said that they will refuse to oversee the referendum process.

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    They think ppl are stupid ya haramm

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