FJP launches referendum campaign

Liliana Mihaila
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Screenshot of the FJP "Egypt's constitution 2012" website. (Freedom and Justice Party)
Screenshot of the FJP “Egypt’s constitution 2012” website. (Freedom and Justice Party)

The Freedom and Justice party (FJP) has launched a campaign titled, “With the constitution the wheel of production will spin.”

The campaign aims to encourage people to take part in the constitutional referendum scheduled for 15 December, and vote “yes.”

This is to continue building state institutions, encourage production and achieve stability and development, according to FJP portal.

As part of the campaign, the website Egypt’s Constitution 2012 was launched to encourage questions and suggestions regarding the constitution.

On the website you can read the draft constitution, download it or listen to an audio version.

It also offers promotional materials for download and print, numerical facts about the constitution, answers for frequently asked questions and reasons to vote “yes” in the referendum.

On the other hand, the Popular Campaign to raise Awareness on the Constitution announced a panel discussion on Monday about why political and civil groups reject the constitution.

“The panel will discuss the articles that caused a dispute among civil powers,” Hassan Kamal the general coordinator of the campaign told state news agency MENA.

The panel will also tackle the main contents of the constitution: the rights, duties, state institutions and basic principles of a democratic constitution.

The panel will be hosted by the Egyptian Democratic Institute, a youth organisation supporting democracy, human rights and freedom of speech.

The Constituent Assembly had previously launched a campaign called Know Your Constitution to gather suggestions from during the drafting process.

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