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Egyptian protestor detained in New York City

Salma Abu El-Magd arrested after interrupting speech by MB leader Essam El-Erian in New York

A woman protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsy in New York City was detained on Saturday night.

Salma Abu El-Maged was ejected from a talk given by Muslim Brotherhood member and Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party Essam El-Erian in New York, after she began chanting against Morsy.

After the talk was over and El-Erian was leaving the building, El-Maged, accompanied by a small group of protesters chanted “down with the Brotherhood.” Another man shouted “those people are killing our people in Egypt. They are killers.”

Members of the New York Police Department then proceeded to handcuff El-Meged. She shouted “I have every right to protest. This is my constitutional right. I am an American citizen.” As she was being put in to the police car she screamed: “Shame on you!”

El-Erian was in New York with a delegation from the Arab Parliament and took part in a hearing regarding the United Nation’s role in conflict resolution and peace building in the Middle East.

El-Maged was released later on Saturday night.

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  • Samantha Criscione

    So, this brave woman is beaten by Ikhwan thugs inside the hall, and then instead of the police arresting those who beat her — there are laws in New York against assault and battery — they arrest her. I guess, since the U.S. government is Ikhwan’s sponsor, it makes sense for U.S. police to be Ikhwan’s enforcers.– Samantha Criscione, tenc.net

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