Attempted arson at Muslim Brotherhood HQ

Nouran El-Behairy
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The Muslim Brotherhood main headquarters in the Muqattam area of Cairo was set on fire Thursday night.

The Brotherhood released a statement saying that about 150 “thugs and saboteurs” gathered in front of the office and broke into it.

The statement blamed the police who “suddenly withdrew” after short-lived attempts to stop the group from breaking in. The men chanted against the Brotherhood then destroyed the rear metal gate of the building and entered. The building sustained minor damage to the outside.

“Regardless of the extent of damage, this is a crime and a form of thuggery that should be punished” said Ahmed Abo Baraka, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer.

Some people were arrested following the attacks and some of the perpetrators were reportedly members of the Brotherhood. “This is a lie and mere dementia. Everybody knows no member [of the Brotherhood] would do this. These liars won’t stop” Abou Baraka said.

The statement said that Brotherhood leaders had called the Minister of Interior Ahmed Gamal Al-Dine on Thursday afternoon.

“We notified him that we were leaving the headquarters, leaving its security in the hands of the ministry. The minister promised to send security reinforcements,” the statement read.

It added that the attacks were a part of an “organised conspiracy.”

“Law should be implemented on the perpetrators so that individuals and groups won’t have to defend themselves and claim their own rights. This is what we warn of” the statement read.

Brotherhood headquarters have been under attack for almost two weeks after people have taken to the streets in protest against President Morsy’s recent constitutional declaration.




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