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Morsy appoints ten new governors

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Muslim Brotherhood figures appointed as governors for the first time in Egypt’s history

President Mohamed Morsi speaks during a press conference in Cairo (File photo) AFP PHOTO

President Mohamed Morsi speaks during a press conference in Cairo (File photo)

President Mohamed Morsy has appointed ten new governors for the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, North Sinai, Red Sea, Suez, El-Menya, Assyot, Sohag, Kafr El-Sheikh and Al-Menofiya.

Professor Osama Kamal, Vice President of the University of Benha for Community Service and Environmental Development, was appointed as the governor of Cairo. Chancellor Mohamed Atta Abbas, former Vice president of the state council, was appointed for the governorate of Alexandria.

Military and police generals were appointed for the border governorates of North Sinai, Red Sea and Suez. General Sayed Abdel Fatah Salem Harhour, former general of the military police, was granted the position in the hectic governorate of North Sinai. General Mohamed Mohamed Kamel, a general engineer for the military, was appointed for Red Sea governorate. The former Director of Marsa Matrouh’s investigation directorate, General Samir Badr El-Deen Abdel Aaty Aglan, was appointed for Suez.

In Upper Egypt, university professors and Muslim brotherhood members were the elect. Professor Mostafa Kamel Aissa Farghaly, a leading figure in the Muslim brotherhood in El-Menya and a professor at the university of El-Menya, was appointed as the governor of El-Menya.

Yahia Keshk, medical professor at the University of Assyot, was granted the position in Assyot. Keshk is a leading figure in the Muslim brotherhood in Assyot; he played a large role mobilising Assyot residents to vote for president Morsy during presidential elections. The dean of the faculty of engineering at Sohag University, Yahia Abdel Azem Hassaneen, was appointed to the governorate of Sohag.

In Kafr El-Sheikh, one of the most prominent figures in the Muslim brotherhood, Saad Sayed El-Husseiny, was appointed as the new governor. El-Husseiny is a member of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim brotherhood’s political wing. He is also the head of the budget and planning committee in the party.

Finally, Mohamed Aly Ismail Beshr, a professor at El-Menofiya University and another member of the Muslim Brotherhood guidance bureau, was appointed the prestigious post in El-Menofiya.

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