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Constitutional declaration

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If the People’s Assembly is dissolved, the president swears the oath in front of the General Assembly of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

SCAF is the body responsible for all decisions related to the armed. The council’s head holds all powers held by the General Commander of the Armed Forces and the Defence Minister.

The president declares war after the approval of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces
In the case of emergency and unrest, the president is allowed to deploy the armed forces after the approval of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces.

The armed forces authority law describes when it is appropriate to use force, arrests, detention and instances of military trials.
If any circumstances stop the Constituent Assembly from performing its duties, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will form a new Constituent Assembly that represents all sectors of society within a within a week.

Legislative elections are to begin within a month of the new constitution’s ratification.

If any of the president, head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, prime minister, Supreme Council of the Judiciary; or a fifth of the Constituent Assembly’s members deem that the draft of the constitution includes one or more clauses that go against the principles of the revolution and its goals or the principles of previous Egyptian constitutions, any of them may ask that the Assembly reconsider the clause(s) within a period of 15 days.

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